viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015

Creating a simple PCB


Like creating a circuit and make a printed circuit board. Although the circuit will be very simple we will use all the tools to see how.
First performed in the schematic circuit.
Choose the components, in this case an LED, a terminal and a resistor.
Put the GND and VCC to determine where you are going current flows. Remove it from the TEXT.

Then we go to the ARES tab.
And we see the next video.
Drag components, strip, diode and resistance.
The video shows that there is a problem award components, the diode will strip out as a trace in the video shows how solved and the corresponding mark is assigned. These problems can arise but we have the solution.
In the screen display setting you have layers, vectors, rastnest to display the recommended are those that are marked in the video.

In the following video, what we do is determine the size of the pad, and tracks besides the signal and power (GND and VCC), they must be thicker than the signal.
In the video the multitude of options to pull tracks with track changes included to move from the top to botton layer is observed.
In the last video we have the layers if they had not seen before, the first thing we do is choose the edge is the edge of the plate is done with a rectangle, then do the ground plane with the details of the video. Solid for entire plane.
Then we carry texts for implantation into the plate there are several ways in this do the letters and return to do a ground plane under vacuum (empty) for our lyrics are copper color because we do not have a machine for screen printing.
The yellow arrow is the vector and indicates the correct or most appropriate placement component.
In the video we see as routes and multiple options to trace the tracks are changed.
And the 3D looks visualicer plate tab.

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