viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015

Create a footprint

We know what is the footprint, now let's create a simple mark consisting of a few jumpers that allow us to icsp protocol, in the same way that this component will create others are created, no more science. Not all components must be created, Proteus requires an extensive database, which when we see how the component is created on the part of ARES can look for the package, if made, will not have to do it and saved a work for you to do an exercise Search scoring a LED on proteus and assign the package when you see 1206. But this is the package (spoiler).
Worth a thousand words image, and for that I created 4 videos of how the process is done.
In the first video we go to the tab ARES and there chose the grid, like what we do is a few jumpers, as we look at the tab on the left pads, look what the dimension and place them after we looking at distance between pads, to whet the component. We conducted outside the component that will be the area occupied outside.

In the second video we number pads, we can put that layer we want to be in this case to be a jumper put all but we can choose to just be in the botton for welding. After numbering create the package with the features of our component. And we keep it in the library.

In the third video we go to Schematic and we create 'As the component will therefore each component we create must have a footprint in ARES and a drawing in the schematic. We conducted a rectangle, and we color inside, then put the pins of the pin tab and decorate as our own component. In addition we put into each pin numbering we deem appropriate, by component, in our case it is.

In the fourth video we do is assign the drawing of schematic the package, so tanor select all the symbol we give right click and give to Make device, we name, add the package and we match the pins accordingly .

It is also convenient to add the reference cost and where we bought because in the bill may see this data giving a touch of professionalism to our work. It is important to follow the steps of the video because for the price may have problems with decimals, once we have as we continue the process and store it in the library.

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