domingo, 12 de abril de 2015

Speech Recognition

The practice will explain is that through the computer microphone , we say few keywords and it recognizes them , so that each word has an assigned action.

First determine which keywords will be an array of string .

Then we see that this array is attached to a microphone initiator and also happens to text what is made, it is a subVI by engineers labview.

When you start the saw, we google search engine appears through the ActiveX, this is a short menu that has Labview, also we took a property in which the web we want to serve in this case

We open with two while, though one is to determine the mouse position and the other to run our vi. The reason to know the mouse position is so that when a keyword dictemos mouse go to a specific position and run the Adobe windows.

On the other while we open an event, which will contain interruptions we need, one dedicated to any of the keywords, one for the button and the default to not run anything in between.

When keywords to rule in this case, "lata" is an LED on the front panel, if it is equal to "close" happen that the microphone is closed and will stop working our use vi rather recognition lights voice. If we pronounce "reproductor" the mouse will go to the indicated position is at the level of play must click and unclick starting a playlist who has indicated properties. In my case after trying various configurations of time to make this process could not be performed with this saw, although other vi if they have done and we have opted for the alternative option to start windows media player to play property.

We follow the words and if we say the word "parar " stop our player . If we say "ola" we val wikipedia search engine looking for the word wave. Likewise does the term "avion". In the case of the word "ni" is going to the website of National Instruments, and "buscador " we are going to google .

To avoid repeating code we put an OR function that will run as a keyword disruption will have no problem to concatenate the url and the other will be false and not two words run together .


The overview of our vi is the following, then a video attached.


To download the files from all the practice you must click on the picture below.

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