martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Making a case for artificial vision

In keeping with the practices we have to do artificial vision, we must specify a passenger or space that isolates us from the outside artificial or natural light is one of the major problems in the use of this technique for recognition.
First we make the case design for this we first had a requirement that between one type of paper called A4.
Once had clear the size of our workforce, is designed with the Sketch up software.

image This is the concept of the box, but then continue to develop. Then the measures.
The material chosen is a wooden panel thickness of 5.00 mm. In addition to the panel need these materials, hinges, screws, brackets, primer, dull black paint, sanding wheels, drill, jigsaw, latches, cables, sockets for bulbs, LED bulbs, wire stripper, plug power supply, polycarbonate-based, hot melt glue, hot melt gun, the cable plug and a power supply switch.

imageUsing gloves and mask have cut the wood and leaves, I preferred to go to the hardware store and bought wood cut me.
imageWe need to prepare the surface, for this we use the sandpaper and leave very fine touch, first start with 80, followed by 120 and then 180.
imageThen play then primed surfaces is firmly adhered paint, for it has been used this type of primer solution to water.
imageAnd the procedure is as follows on the surface roll.
imageAfter painting needs cleaning roller and paint base.
imageThe next step is to dry the paint and paint it black to have taken a dull black paint because the flashes occur if it had brightness and color changes affecting the view of the camera.
Then we put to be assembled with screws and brackets purchased.
The inner assembly is as follows.
You must make a base with a 3D printer for the cameras but as we practice it has been handling several colleagues who contributed clay to hold the cameras. With the help of a woodburning we can decorate our box or paint for the exterior, our case we wanted to leave blank. We place a glossy paper with the measures for the use of machine vision.

This is supported by other squads made with a 3D printer. Reflecting the functionality of the box are attached two videos of the practice of measuring parts with two cameras. In the video a fault for which it is recommended that LED bulbs are used, the camera will affect the type of light and must be continuous, the light bulbs and conventional van at a frequency of 50Hz and the camera is detected color variations affecting the clarity and size of the object.

To download the files from all the practice you must click on the picture below.

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